The Multicolor Kalamkari Ikkat Silk Dupatta is a stunning accessory that beautifully combines two traditional Indian textile techniques, Kalamkari and Ikkat, to create a mesmerizing piece. Made from high-quality silk fabric, this dupatta showcases intricate craftsmanship and vibrant colors.

The Kalamkari technique involves hand-painting intricate designs and motifs using natural dyes. The skilled artisans create exquisite patterns inspired by mythological tales, flora, fauna, and historical narratives. The result is a visually captivating dupatta with rich detailing and a touch of cultural heritage.

In addition to Kalamkari, this dupatta features the Ikkat weaving technique. Ikkat involves resist-dyeing the yarns before they are woven, resulting in distinct and bold patterns. The multicolor effect achieved through Ikkat adds depth and dimension to the dupatta, making it a truly eye-catching accessory.

The Multicolor Kalamkari Ikkat Silk Dupatta boasts a lively color palette that may include shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and more. These vibrant hues blend harmoniously, creating a dynamic and cheerful look. The dupatta’s versatility allows it to be paired with various traditional outfits, such as sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, or even draped as a shawl over a plain dress.

Whether you’re attending a festive celebration, a wedding, or any special occasion, the Multicolor Kalamkari Ikkat Silk Dupatta will effortlessly elevate your ensemble. It not only adds a pop of color but also serves as a testament to the rich textile heritage of India. With its artistic charm and timeless appeal, this dupatta is a must-have for those seeking to embrace traditional elegance with a contemporary twist.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 22.86 × 5.08 cm


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