Introducing our mesmerizing Traditional Green Kalamkari Silk Dupatta, a true testament to the elegance and artistry of Kalamkari craftsmanship. Handcrafted with the utmost care, this dupatta embodies the rich heritage of Indian textiles.

Made from luxurious silk fabric, this dupatta features a striking shade of green that exudes freshness and vibrancy. The intricate motifs are meticulously hand-painted using natural dyes, showcasing the mastery and attention to detail of skilled artisans.

The traditional Kalamkari technique brings to life an array of captivating designs, including floral patterns, mythological motifs, and intricate geometric shapes. Each motif is a work of art, carefully painted with precision and finesse.

The lush green color of this Kalamkari Silk Dupatta adds a touch of natural beauty to any outfit. It complements a variety of traditional and contemporary ensembles, effortlessly elevating your style with its timeless appeal.

Whether draped over a saree, paired with a salwar kameez, or used as a statement accessory with a plain dress, this Traditional Green Kalamkari Silk Dupatta is sure to make heads turn and leave a lasting impression.

Ideal for festive occasions, cultural celebrations, or as a thoughtful gift, this dupatta captures the essence of tradition and elegance. Embrace the beauty of Kalamkari art with this exquisite green silk dupatta and step into a world of grace and sophistication.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 22.86 × 5.08 cm


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